The mystery of Ps3 games & Download free game videos to your personal computer

 Download free video game for computer is a computer controlled game. It's an action game based on dream making and animated film that entices children to pay more attention to games. It is a standard interactive game played for computer entertainment.

A computer video game is a computer game that requires a video display, such as a monitor or TV, as the main feedback device. The computer video game also includes sound and vibration, but there are very few new games in this category.

The news has emerged: a PS3 game console is set to launch simultaneously across the globe in November 2006. But despite the massive global launch plan for the PS3 game console, there are doubts about its impact on the market. In addition, gaming analysts doubt whether this global release can help Sony regain the market that was lost due to Microsoft 's previous Xbox 360 news. There is also a lot of speculation as to why the launch of the new PS3 has been delayed.

While Sony claims the delay was due to digital rights management or DRM issues, many analysts believe otherwise. Analysts cite more important issues as reasons for delays in the launch of the PS3 game console. Eiichi Katayama, an analyst at Tokyo-based Nomura Securities Financial & Economic Research, suggests that the delay is likely to be caused by slow progress in the development of graphics chips. Others offer reasons like plenty of software titles. However, Sony is quickly displacing these rumors and repeating the DRM issue for their Blu-ray optical driver.

Blu-ray chips provide PS3 removable storage capacity, which is five times the storage offered by older token DVDs. Reports that the PS3’s Blu-ray and DRM functions are almost complete make them unlikely to cause delays. According to Katayama, the ROM brand and BD + license have already launched, which makes copy protection technology an incredible cause. Analysts believe that if DRM technology were to cause the real delay, the profits from the PS3 game console would not suffer too much. However, if the reasons are as they think - the development of graphics chips - the sales impact could be worse in Sony 's history.

Sony is going against analysts' steps of the situation and denies that the delay has put the PS3 game console and the company at a disadvantage behind Microsoft and Xbox 360. Xbox 360 stores last year and is still the best game console according to the market trends. Jennie Kong, PR manager of Sony's European subsidiary, defends the company's strategy and argues that the company will not allow itself to be dominated by the movements of its competitors. However, the views of analysts on this issue are supported by history. It may be recalled that Microsoft and Sony once faced the same situation, just this time, Sony has the advantage that their PS2 was launched early compared to the first Xbox. Steve Kovsky of Current Research reminds us that Microsoft suffered a huge loss at the time; Clearly, Sony is programmed to be the same race as the PS3.

The company refuses to comment on allegations of lack of consent. They claim that all the important announcements were made at the E3 show and that all other announcements will be made at the PS3 game console release. This news, instead of ending the rumors, is just burning the fire. But as it is, gamers can do nothing but play PS3 games and wait.

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